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Re: Loopers-Delight-d Digest V99 #158

ROLAND SP202 is very good for the money...but has a maximum of 33.1
sample rate...pretty good effects though!
time stretch is good on it...with a card ($50) the memory is good
too..350 bucks

YAMAHA SU10: not as much samle time as the 202 but has 44.1 sample rate
and does an excellent filter job, and scratches the sample(must already
be a dj to use this properly tho!!)
hahahahahaha not!

You can probably find an ensoniq EPS16+ fairlycheap $500 8 tracks 41
effects and 8meg of memory plus a handy dandy 2000 blocks of static

ROLAND SP808 : The HEAVYWEIGHT KING 46 minutes of sample time @44.1
Khz...instant load time, awesome effects, also a digital recorder...now
has an upgrade allowing it to use wav and aif files  --I would highly
recommend saving a little money and getting this box...$1250.00...you
can master to dat if you get the dig out in adapter $500.00 
but this oe is hard to beat....and OH its very easy to use...check it
out on the ROLANDUS.COM web site!!! LATER, and good luck