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Re: Jam Man Noise

Thanks for the info Kim-


Kim Flint wrote:

> At 10:54 PM -0700 4/15/99, Clifford Novey wrote:
> >
> >Also- the intelligent dialog on this list is great- Kim got it goin' on
> >too- props! ;) I think it is pretty damn unique that we get to har from
> >and interact with one of the creators of something we all treasure so- I
> >never got to talk to the designers of my Kawasaki or any of the luthiers
> >that built my guitars!
> Actually, all three of us echoplex people (aurisis research, really) are 
> the list. Eric never posts at all, but Matthias does - he's the main 
> Also, Motley, from Boomerang is here, and chimes in sometimes. Bob Sellon
> and Greg Hogan of Lexicon used to be on the list, but haven't been 
> People from a variety of other companies lurk here too, tc, korg, opcode,
> emu, various others. Yes, virginia, there are real people on the other 
> of the wall who make this stuff. Mostly just regular musicians like you
> with some electronics knowledge, passion, and crazy dreams. You do it
> because you love it, it sure doesn't make you rich!
> >Although hearing that the EDP has CS software
> >makes me cringe- my cheap Midiman sound card uses CS drivers and every
> >so often the dissappear and need to be reinstalled- although it is more
> >than likely my system- I just don't like independent software coupled
> >with different brand hardware- call me ignorant- se' la vie'-
> no no, it's a completely different thing from a PC soundcard situation. 
> Echoplex uses a chip from Crystal, who makes some of the best digital 
> parts. There's no driver from Crystal or anything like that. Our software
> just communicates directly with the chip to transfer the digital audio in
> and out of memory. (same as it communicates with other chips on the
> board...)  Nothin' to worry about there, this stuff is all completely
> invisible to the user...
> kim
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