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Re: Attn: Guitarists

> The question I have:  how many guitarists play solid body guitars of the
> strat type with their fingers?  I find that a pick is awkward, and my
> instinct is to  pluck, etc. with my fingers.  Am I making a mistake by
> foregoing the pick?  Should I spend the time getting used to the pick?  
> sounds like Leni Stern plays (I think a strat) with her fingers, but I
> can't recall hearing anyone else that sounds like that.

well, it's a completely different approach, you know? chet atkins and
lindsey buckingham (of fleetwood mac) both play with their fingers in a
classical style and they sound great. robert smith of the cure uses his
thumb as a pick, and alan sparhawk of low does the same. put you loose some
of the bright attack-y sound, and depending on what you are doing, you 
need it to cut through the mix.

as a bass player, though, i'd say have fun with it. most of us guitar
players are basically monkeys that wouldn't be able to pluck accurately or
consistently to save our lives... mind you, if i drop my pick, i'm okay for
a bit, but that's the extent of it.

though i'd venture that the guitarists on this list are fairly well
developed, evolutionarily speaking... ;) no pointy head stocks or crate
solid state full stacks, i'm betting...
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