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RE: Musicworks #73

From:  Collins[SMTP:collinsclan@sprintmail.com]
Sent:  Thursday, April 15, 1999 8:58 PM

>I thought all of you into strange and beautiful music would enjoy this.=
>Its a great magazine from Canada.

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I'll second Jeff's recommendation. I just received my copy yesterday, and  
it's packed with great stuff. The articles on David Tudor would be   
especially relevant to this list, because he engaged in looping of a   
sort. He didn't use any of the fancy hi-tech gear usually discussed here,  
but instead made complex arrangements of home-built gear and the   
occasional stomp-box. Also of interest is the use he made of a device   
called a "neural network" chip, which was originally developed as an   
attempt to emulate a nerve cell, and has the ability for any output to be  
connected to any input basically as a large matrix. I won't go into all   
the details of it here (mainly because I don't know them all!), but would  
recommend interested parties to get a copy of the mag - and don't forget   
the CD!

BTW, they just gave us an "upgrade" on our PC here (oooh, Pentium!), so   
I'm hoping it has cured the problem I was having with the garbage at the   
end of replies. If not, please forgive me, and I'll have to go slap those  

Jim Bailey