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Re: Jam Man Noise

At 10:54 PM -0700 4/15/99, Clifford Novey wrote:
>Also- the intelligent dialog on this list is great- Kim got it goin' on
>too- props! ;) I think it is pretty damn unique that we get to har from
>and interact with one of the creators of something we all treasure so- I
>never got to talk to the designers of my Kawasaki or any of the luthiers
>that built my guitars!

Actually, all three of us echoplex people (aurisis research, really) are on
the list. Eric never posts at all, but Matthias does - he's the main guru!

Also, Motley, from Boomerang is here, and chimes in sometimes. Bob Sellon
and Greg Hogan of Lexicon used to be on the list, but haven't been lately.
People from a variety of other companies lurk here too, tc, korg, opcode,
emu, various others. Yes, virginia, there are real people on the other side
of the wall who make this stuff. Mostly just regular musicians like you
with some electronics knowledge, passion, and crazy dreams. You do it
because you love it, it sure doesn't make you rich!

>Although hearing that the EDP has CS software
>makes me cringe- my cheap Midiman sound card uses CS drivers and every
>so often the dissappear and need to be reinstalled- although it is more
>than likely my system- I just don't like independent software coupled
>with different brand hardware- call me ignorant- se' la vie'-

no no, it's a completely different thing from a PC soundcard situation. The
Echoplex uses a chip from Crystal, who makes some of the best digital audio
parts. There's no driver from Crystal or anything like that. Our software
just communicates directly with the chip to transfer the digital audio in
and out of memory. (same as it communicates with other chips on the
board...)  Nothin' to worry about there, this stuff is all completely
invisible to the user...


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