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Attn: Guitarists

I apologize if this is not appropriate for the list, but. . . . .

After the series last week on different instruments for looping, I decided
to expand beyond bass, and so I bought an electric guitar!!!  I'm now
teaching myself to play it (it's a Peavey "Raptor" which is basically a
Stratocaster copy.)

The question I have:  how many guitarists play solid body guitars of the
strat type with their fingers?  I find that a pick is awkward, and my
instinct is to  pluck, etc. with my fingers.  Am I making a mistake by
foregoing the pick?  Should I spend the time getting used to the pick?  It
sounds like Leni Stern plays (I think a strat) with her fingers, but I
can't recall hearing anyone else that sounds like that.

To those kind guitarists who wish to respond, please feel free to answer me
privately.  Thanks!!!

Dr. Michael S. Yoder
Assistant Professor of Geography,
Coordinator of Urban Studies
Texas A&M International University
5201 University Blvd.
Laredo, TX  78041
Tel. (956) 326-2634; FAX (956) 326-2464