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Jam Man Noise

Hi all-

I am happy to say i should have my EDP by early next week for sure- i am

in the meantime I am excited and having fun using my Jam Man, but I have
noticed something that worries me-

I noticed some static noise every time a loop began- to trace it I
disconnected everything from the unit except for the Out- no input or
Midi whatsoever- and whenever i create a loop I get this static noise-
my output was set on like 6 and when I turn the output down a bit the
noise subsides considerably- I was interested to see what other Jam Man
owners have experienced in this area- I am hoping it is not a flawed
unit, but the alternative is that it simply has marginal sound quality-
I have to say i love it though- I may even expand the memory but my EDP
will have 198 sec so I will wait to order- i found a number on Loopers
for Chips for less and they will overnight for $95- I was curious and
found out from Frye's- a large parts store- that the 20 pin memory used
to sell for $5 each when they used to stock them- supply and demand
folks- it can be a bitch- ;)
I love layering and harmonizing melody lines- just fun,fun,fun- I have a
small coffee house gig tomorrow night and will bring it with my drum
machine- create an instrumental interlude and just do it-

Also- the intelligent dialog on this list is great- Kim got it goin' on
too- props! ;) I think it is pretty damn unique that we get to har from
and interact with one of the creators of something we all treasure so- I
never got to talk to the designers of my Kawasaki or any of the luthiers
that built my guitars! Although hearing that the EDP has CS software
makes me cringe- my cheap Midiman sound card uses CS drivers and every
so often the dissappear and need to be reinstalled- although it is more
than likely my system- I just don't like independent software coupled
with different brand hardware- call me ignorant- se' la vie'-