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Re: Stereo Jam Man

I dont get it.  the jaman sports a Mono D/A--what software upgrade could 
this and how can I get three of them?

Chuck Zwicky wrote:

> Hey Kim,
> Sounds like 'the pot calling the kettle black' to me. The EDP has only a
> single input jack and a single output jack, and even though the D/A in 
> EDP is a stereo part,  one channel is physically disabled! OOOPS!
> As far as a 'stereo' input, I use my Jam-man with an electric guitar. My
> guitar produces a MONO output signal. I feel that the ability to control 
> separate loops is far more useful than one 'stereo' loop. Particularly
> since I can add/remove significant layers of the composition in real 
> I guess it ought to be noted that you would need three EDPs, three foot
> controllers and a MIDI controlled mixer to do what I am able to do with 
> Jam-Man.
> -Chuck Zwicky
> At 02:19 AM 4/15/99 -0700, you wrote:
> >I guess it ought to be noted that the JamMan only has a mono A/D 
> >for the loop input. The stereo inputs are summed to mono for the loop. 
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