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Midi/Jam Man

Hi all- just getting into my new Jam Man and loving it- printed all the
pages from the manual and getting on quite well-
i have my DR-5 connected via MIDI and triggering drums in tempo with my
input- how nice!
Problem- in layer mode, as i add more layers the drums begin to sound
like I have a phaser on them- layer mode does not retrigger the drums so
I can't figure what is happening-
I have my guitar into mixer with aux 3 vol up- I have DR-5 into mixer
with aux 2 and 3 up- then-
I have aux 2 and 3  out on mixer to L/R In on Jam Man then Jam Man L/R
Out to Aux 2 and 3 In- from there to my stereo via headphone out.

Just hoping someone more versed at the tech side of things might spot
something suspicious in this setup- maybe I should just run it mono-