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Addendum/Digitech Echo Plus vs. Zoom 508

I wanted to correct something in my Bio, I thought I was going to 
trade for the PDS-8000, but I may stick with my Zoom 508 Delay, it is 
programmable, but it only has 4 sec instead of 8.  Then again, you can 
screw around with knobs on the fly as well as stop/st-st-stutter on 
the Digitech.

HELP!  Do I stay with the Zoom, or trade it for the Digitech?  (Sorry 
if you are reading this, Tom, but the reason I placed the ad for the 
QY10 was because Music Go Round told me they sold the Digitech, and 
they hadn't.)

Thanks to the people who have mailed me and made me feel at home...


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