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RE: Jam Man

The stereo Jam-Man is so incredible! I really hope that Bob Sellon will
release this software to the public.

At 09:55 AM 4/14/99 -0700, you wrote:
>I'm sorry- I was not clear at all- I was referring to the software 
>for the Jam Man- The "Sellon" updates - I would like to upgrade the 
>for sure- I need to price it to see how much- but I had heard something 
>about a software/rom update and did not know if it was helpful or not- 
>Also- someone asked if I was waiting for my EDP through Alto- no I was 
>I had an order with a store here in L.A. and Gibson apparently really 
>dropped the ball and is telling me all orders went out and no more 
>production for at least 3 months which means more probably- I was very 
>indeed- they tried to say there was never an order but this is completely 
>untrue and the store I ordered through has printed proof to that effect- 
>plus they spoke to Gibson many times before, during, and after the 
>"factory relocation".
>Any and all "prayer loops" to bring me luck are appreciated whether 
>documented (recorded) or not- ;)
>From:  daniel thomas[SMTP:dthomas@inprise.com]
>Sent:  Wednesday, April 14, 1999 8:43 AM
>To:    Loopers-Delight@annihilist.com
>Subject:       Re: Jam Man
>eight seconds is not enough to do extensive real time looping work.   You
>will want to get the RAM upgrade, unless you intention is to use this 
>as delay unit only.
>Another interesting note re 'jam persons': They are not true stereo...all
>sampled data is collapsed into mono... This makes any real time transition
>from input stereo audio to loop playback audible.  :>(
>Still, for the money, a cool tool... I have three of them daisy chained 
>the midi out of my groove box.
>Clifford Novey wrote:
>> Hi all-
>> Just got a Jam Man- was supposed to get my EDP today but got some
>> discouraging info- will see if all works out-
>> I just wanted to find out if anyone has the updates to the Jam Man and
>> how it works, how to obtain, etc- Mine has 8 seconds, don't know if that
>> matters-
>> Thanks-
>> Cliff

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