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Re: error correction/Nicolas Collins

At 06:30 PM 4/14/99 -0400, you wrote:
>I've been hearing and reading quite a bit about Nicolas Collins lately 
>coincidentally studied at the school I now attend, though that has nothing
>to do with how I heard about him), but I haven't been able to find his 
>anywhere.  However, Kim's remarks reminded me about an interview I read 
>him where he talks about his modifications to CD's and players.  The below
>is excerpted from a longer interview at
>By the way, if anyone has more info on Collins or is familiar with his 
>and where to find it, do share, off-list or on.
Oval is also another artist that uses CD manipulation to create his work.
Surprised no-one has mentioned him yet.

Lorren Stafford
Richard For Cerebellum/A Most Happy Sound

"We ask ourselves whether truly this is the beginning 
of a new world or whether perhaps the world...is about
to perish.  There are people who earnestly and seriously
fear this, where music becomes the slave of the machine..."