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Re: Jam Man

eight seconds is not enough to do extensive real time looping work.   You
will want to get the RAM upgrade, unless you intention is to use this 
as delay unit only.

Another interesting note re 'jam persons': They are not true stereo...all
sampled data is collapsed into mono... This makes any real time transition
from input stereo audio to loop playback audible.  :>(

Still, for the money, a cool tool... I have three of them daisy chained off
the midi out of my groove box.

Clifford Novey wrote:

> Hi all-
> Just got a Jam Man- was supposed to get my EDP today but got some
> discouraging info- will see if all works out-
> I just wanted to find out if anyone has the updates to the Jam Man and
> how it works, how to obtain, etc- Mine has 8 seconds, don't know if that
> matters-
> Thanks-
> Cliff