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Re: Howdy! (or: what is the definition of loneliness?)

On 4/12/99 larry said:

>I am so glad I found this list; you have no idea how lonely it is
>being an ambient/space bass loop artist in Des Moines, Iowa.

Welcome Larry, you don't have to b alone anymore. This is a very friendly
and informative list. Very gear heavy and sometimes esoteric. For a good
introduction to various people's work with looping, you should check out
the Looper's Delight Volume 2 CD available from the LD website.

I've had a RDS 8000, the rack version of your PDS unit for many years and
love it. OF courseI've also loved many jam men, and now a couple of
echoplexi, so I guess I'm some type of loop box slut.



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