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RE: new MP3

The best I have found and which produces 128-Kbps-quality MP3s is called
"CDex Backtracks."  I found it through an excellent article on MP3
technology at C|Net, http://www.cnet.com.  I can make really unbelievable
MP3s with this thing.  I've played the original CD against an MP3 copy, and
I swear I can't tell the difference.  Well, I use WinAmp to play MP3s, 
is one kick-ass MP3 player.

<<CDex is a is utility which can record Digital Audio (DA) tracks  from CD
into the files. The recorded audio tracks can be stored as either WAV files
or as MP3 (MPEG-1 Audio Layer-3) files. CDex is using the Adaptecís ASPI
library Manager to communicate with the CD-ROM device, look at the end of
the FAQ page where to download an ASPI manager.

The latest version of Cdex can be downloaded from:


I know, this help file is not still what it should be, but it takes a lot 
time to document and keep it up to date with the latest features and
problems that people are reporting.

Status of software:
CDex is freeware and I like to keep it that way. Although support (esp.
online time) and development tools are quite expensive. Therefore you can
support CDex by sending a small donation (money order, checks are OK) to:

Albert Faber
v.d. Meystraat 1
The Netherlands>>

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Can you please tell me what software you use to
convert wav to mpeg.  I can't seem to make it happen.

--- Leo Cavallo <cavallo@dada.it> wrote:
> Hi all
> I've just uploaded my remix of a friend's little
> bossanova song.
> Check it out on ftp.teklab.com/teklab/incoming. The
> file is
> LeoCavalloREMIX.zip (including the mp3 and a txt).
> This is just a rough mix, but maybe you can get my
> actual concept of
> "looping" ;), in the drum & bass style, using a
> sampler, a computer and some
> software.
> let me know
> ciao
> leo

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