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Return of the Loop Of The Week!

That's right folks.  It's back, and still beautiful. [s]  This week's one 
a bit inspired by the Kosovo situation, though not as dark certainly.
However, please take note that the LOTW is now DEDICATION-FREE!  So, for 
you folks who are allergic to such, have no fear.

In addition, the ZIPped WAV file of the LOTW is now available by request.
As the email list for the EarthLight Productions Newsletter was lost in a
great data calamity (known as a bad backup tape), I make this announcement
here, and not via a list that, alas, I must rebuild again.

I look forward to your enjoying the work.

Stephen Goodman * It's the Loop of the Week!
EarthLight Productions * http://www.earthlight.net/Studios.html