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Re: loop religion

>... I'm no longer there as an individual, I'm feeling
>sounds,sometimes seeing them,the air around me thick with light,the
>music is a symbol for the ongoing vibration of the universe,and it IS
>the ongoing vibration of the universe.The microcosm has attuned itself
>to the macrocosm through an act of individuality that has lead beyond
>the idea of being an individual.An act of self indulgence(just ask my
>girlfriend)that can lead me beyond myself and bring me to questions
>about whether I had any choice in beginning that loop in the first
>place.Or any choice about being myself w/all its musical choices and
>apparent failures since(as the tibetans would say)beginningless time...

I had an important experience lately in my little "astral" room. It was
raining outside and i played some very basic percussion while thinking
about things. Suddenly I became aware that the dropps falling from about
two or three spots at the border of the roof formed a groove related to
mine. I stopped to listen to it and was fascinated how the dropps formed
complex musical regular pattern. Then I joined in again. After I stopped,
we talked shortly about the experience that was perceptible my friend, too.
After the talk, we listened back to the drops and they were falling in the
aleatoric natural way again - maybe still music in some way, but not as
much as before!