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Re: Fw: Drum'n Bass questions - Amen

Hello all,
This was a thread on this list a while back; I downloaded the program, and 
it is extremely cool, just as the posts said.  Thanks for turning me on to 
this.  I do have a couple of questions, though... 
>>>A nice little program to get you going with d'n'b is AMEN. It's free and
>>>comes with an amen break!! and you can chop it up and sequence it 
>>>very easily within the program, adding differing degrees of randomness

Is it really practical for creating a whole tune's worth of drum 
sequencing?  My experience thus far has been that if you're going to 
create say, a 16-bar sequence, the "offsets" become so tiny that it's 
almost impossible to work with them.  Do a whole tune, and they would be 
microscopic.  Can anyone tell me what I'm missing here?

Also, I tried to use ACID loops with Amen but I couldn't, because they 
were not in "16-bit mono .wav file format".  Is there a way to convert 
ACID loops (which as far as I know are indeed .wav files, though they are 
stereo, and I don't know how many bits) to 16-bit mono .wav format?

Is there a website where I can download 16-bit mono .wav files of 
drumloops (I seem to recall a post about this very thing not too long ago)?

>>>I don't think it's being developed any further though, shame.

Shame, indeed.  Maybe if we all begged the guy...

Thanks in advance for any and all replies,

Esteban Delgado

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