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Interesting item on eBay web site item#88571285: Shruti Box,Toning Instrument-India!Brand New!

Shruti box on ebay; let the bidding war begin!

Title of item:  Shruti Box,Toning Instrument-India!Brand New!
Seller: constance@oworlds.com
Starts: 04/08/99 12:34:10 PDT 
Ends:   04/15/99 12:34:10 PDT 
Price:  Starts at $139.00
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Item Description:               
Shruti Box from India. This unusual instrument uses a bellows
and slide bars to "hum" various tones and chords.  This one
has 4 tones with 3 variations of each tone.  You may set
any number of the bars open from 1 to 12 to create different
variations of tone.  Great for accompanying chord sounds
and for meditation/toning workshops!
I also carry 2 other styles of shruti box, 
one is shown below.  It has 4 knobs with 3 settings for each. Belllows 
expand from
both sides. This one seems to have a louder, longer lasting tone.
I also carry harmoniums.
Size is 13" by 3".  Call us to hear the sounds from 11am - 7 pm EST
Tues-Sat at 1-888-worlds0 (that's a zero at the end).
Enter your Visa,MC,Discover, or Amex safely at our secured
website at http://www.oworlds.com, or call us, and we can
ship the next day.

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for 10 business days to clear before shipping.
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