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Re: Kramer Looping

On Sat, 10 Apr 1999, andre wrote:

> no, this is not a post re: kramer guitars.. but Kramer ON guitars!!
> Nice boomerang usage tonight at the knit/nyc- saw Kramer (bongwater,
> shockabilly) and Daevid Allen (of Gong, soft machine etc)... 
> acoustic strumming, bass vocals and loopage by  K
> Lotsa cool loops with the acoustic-as-bass.. great use of the boom erang 
> slowly change the loop content..
> glissando guitar & vocs by Daevid (divided alien)
> a buncha cool 'songs' - plus a whole mess of weird outer space jams, with
> lotsa kramer-loops!! cool - they'll be back there soon 

They're here at Orion in Baltimore tonight with fellow LD listemembers
Fingerpaint opening the show. See http://www.progrock.net/shows/showcase/
for more info.


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       out of seeking liberation from cyclic existence, gradually one 
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