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Re: electronic

i have had ustad aashish khan, the eldest son of the venerated ali
akbar, show some interest in my fretless steel fingerboard guitar
running thru effects, but we didn't have him playing w/any looping other
than a tampura-esque drone that i set up for him.
it was fun, he had just finished teaching an advanced class in sarod
technique. while all of his students were still there he had me hook up
all my stuff & he proceeded to kick ass, to quite a bit of oohing &
aahing. then he hands the thing to me & says "play something, bob."


considering, i did really nicely, playing some *very slow* melodic
dreamy things in contrast, as aashishda tends towards the full burn. it
was a fun evening & led to the eating of great food (the ustad can
cook!) & some drinking & lots of relaxing and story-telling.