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Next! DJS-24

Anybody ever see this kind of interesting gadget by Next! called the 
Seems like they are gearing towards DJ's (who isn't these days) ...

"The DJS-24 features a 24-bit DSP engine which guarantees the highest sound
quality. The sampling rates are selectable - 44.1 kHz (CD quality), 32 KHZ,
22.05kHz - as are the compressed/uncompressed and mono/ stereo formats. 
allows the user to customize their sampler and choose their ideal balance 
sound versus sampling time. It is equipped with a standard 2MB RAM which is
user expendable to 4 or 8MB RAM for a maximum sampling time of 6.5 minutes.
Up to 32 samples can be stored within 4 sample banks.  A PC companion
software is included to store and retrieve samples to and from a Windows®
based PC. The DJS-24 features easy non-destructive editing. Search frame by
frame using the built-in jog wheel to find the right intro/ outro point. DJ
oriented functions include seamless looping, pitch control (+10%/-65%),
reverse play mode, and forward and reverse direction scratching  with cue
point memory. Jingle Machine mode: Once the button is pressed, the sample
will play once until the end or until the button is pressed again to stop
the sample. In this mode, the display will countdown the remaining time in
tenths of a second. This gives the DJ an idea of the time left before
starting the next audio source Sequencer mode: several samples can be
sequenced and played back to back without interruption."

The also have a cool rack mount Vocoder, Bass Synthesizer & Stereo 


There's also another weird looking piece of gear called the Red Sound
Federation DJ BPM FX that's a Filter/LFO/Cutter/Panning device ...