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Re: Asian instruments (Talvins Drums)

Talvin used to use these tabla made out of the same material the old 
Ludwig Vistalite drums were made of, they had piezos in them and he 
runs them through an Envintide Efx. Processor.  The funny thing is 
now he has signed up with us to play the miniTabla.  His set should 
get to him in about a month.  There are a few other players we are 
trying to secure before we make our grand entrance into the wonderful 
world of the publics eye.

From: Cummings <r_t_cummings@csi.com>
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Subject: Re: Asian instruments
Date: Fri, 09 Apr 1999 14:29:23 +0200

i've read about talvin singh using electronic tablas that he plays
standing up. anybody have any idea what these are - wave drums or
trigger pads? talvin singh also toured with björk after her first 
- there's a bootleg around which illustrates his playing in a live
context quite well. he's also played out with squarepusher recently.

i also know that ansuman biswas mixes electronics with tablas and 
indian percussion - is this the same guy as kingsuk biswas?

-the man cable-

Tim Nelson schrieb:
 ... snip ...
> Talvin Singh had quite a bit of success a couple of
> years ago with an album called Anokha: Soundz of the Asian 
Underground that
> has some pretty cool loop-based stuff; it's a compilation featuring
> musicians such as State of Bengal, A.R. Rahman, Amar, Kingsuk 
Biswas (he
> samples and loops his tablas!), Future Soundz of India and others.

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