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Re: Loopable percussion (was: Tabla...)

If you would like to order the Mini Tabla at a reduced rate, send me 
some mail, I'm the NorthAmerican distributor for them.  They work 
wonderfuly for looping, they are smaller in size, but due to the 
shell material they are actually louder than regular tablas.  Juerg 
and I are also developing a drumhead that you can hit with a stick, 
so you could mount it off a drumset and have no troubles at all.  
Feel free to send any questions my way.  

From: "Dennis W. Leas" <dennis@mdbs.com>
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Subject: Re: Loopable percussion (was: Tabla...)
Date: Fri, 9 Apr 1999 09:53:40 -0500

IMHO, Tabla are one of the ultimate drums.  At one point in my life I 
debating selling all my other instruments (over 150) and devoting 
myself to
the tabla.  Fortunately, this temporary mania passed.

Tabla are extremely versatile but I find it hard to get a good sound 
they're relatively quiet.  I usually use a pair of mics.  Good in the
studio, trouble on stage.  I haven't tried a pick-up yet.  After this
thread, I'm definitely going to!

Check-out the "mini-tablas" on http://www.tabla.com/tablahpg.html .  
might work better for looping.

Also, I have an udu "drum" that works really well.  Lark in the 
lists them on this page:
http://www.larkinam.com/MenComNet/Business/Retail/Larknet/Africa .  
Mine was
made by Frank Giorgini and I LOVE it.   I had the opportunity to 
speak with
Frank and can vouch for his integrity as an instrument maker.  My udu 
has a
small opening for a mic near the "snout".  I use a cheap Radio Shack 
($25.00!) and EQ the H*** out of it.  I find the udu extremely 
and a lot easier to mic than the tabla.  Some useful techniques:
1) Boost the treble.  Tapping the udu sounds like claves.  Rubbing 
the udu
sounds like brushes on a snare drum.
2) Boost the bass.  While clapping one hand over an opening, insert 
thumb into the other opening.  The further into the udu you stick your
thumb, the lower the pitch.
3) Increase the volume until you're on the verge of feedback.  When 
you clap
your hand over an opening, the resonance increases, obtaining 
feedback.  Vary the pitch as in technique 2.  Rock out!

Dennis Leas
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Date: Thursday, April 08, 1999 4:34 PM
Subject: Loopable percussion (was: Tabla...)

>This thread seamed to go OT, but we are simply looking for percussion
>instruments that are easy to loop (no feeback and interference 

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