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RE: loop religion (1)

<there is no difference between music and environmental 
<sounds, as John Cage pointed out.

Your point is well taken. However, I must ask why, if "there is no 
between music and environmental sounds," people continue to make "music"?
Isn't it conceited of us to think that we can make better sounds than those
that we might encounter taking a walk, for example? Is the ultimate point 
Cage and the other aleatorists (including Olivieros) to make us consider
taking a walk to be as "active" a musical activity as making a music 
such as a CD? 

It might be useful for us all to take a big step back (or forward) and ask 
we prefer to strum chords and twiddle knobs instead of, say, considering 
sound of our own breathing to be music. (As a former smoker, I can
conceptually get behind "musical breathing"...wheeze, gasp...).