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Re: Loopable percussion (was: Tabla...)

hey matthias, i'm not a doctor, at least not in the proper sense ... :-)

Matthias Grob schrieb:
> Dr. Cummings wrote:
> >sounds like fun - i've been "attaching" piezos to cymbals with plumber's
> >putty. they also work great on kalimbas, pieces of wood ...
> Yes, serious solutions. What is "plumber's putty", please?

plumber's putty is basically a gray lumpy sticky mass - maybe we should
call it playdough for profis ;-)
the german word for it is "Kitt" (du kommst aus der Schweiz ja?)

> >- swallow a piezo with a vey long wire attached (don't laugh, it's been
> >done)
> and then what, hit your belly? Listen to the stomac?

legend has that the finnish band pan(a)sonic did this at a performance -
i have no idea what it would sound like - i don't think i'll find out
any time soon ... ;-)

> >be careful not to get any between the piezo-element and the drum/cymbal
> >surface. the key to a non-distorted sound is to have the piezo-element
> >completely flush with the vibrating surface. the other thing you may
> >want to consider is a preamp circuit.
> Very correct. I usually drill a 3mm whole and glue it in to make shure 
> waves pass THROUGH it. The element is blinded but as naked as possible. 
> works nice on any solid material. The preamp needs to be close because so
> far I could not find a flexible fine cable that is suficiantly blinded 
> the cable itself transmits sound waves to the pickup.

what do you mean by "blinded" - do you mean insulated (deutsch
do you drill a 3mm hole directly into the piezo or do you drill the hole
into the object to be amplified?

-doctor cable-