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Re: loop religion

        loop = mantra..one in the same,awesome.                    ive
always been into the metaphysical aspects of music,especially after a
spontaneous death & reincarnation experience i had in 94, got heavily
into backwards loops & long backwards delay passages ala(jamman)to
re-create the actual feeling of soul travel. it was total therapy for
me.ive since have made "metamusic" apart of my eveyday life.other like
minds might want to check out ...books.. sacred sound by ted
andrews...anything by terrance makenna or "earth"by barb
marcininiack....peace out! vimana     ps..looping is like the gateway to
evolutionary - human-consiousness,(hopefully)

I concur with JMW. I consider myself a spiritual seeker and have read and
practiced Buddhist techniques for reflection. In a musical context, the 
serene and freeflowing experiences have been while looping. Have any of you
listened to a recording of The Master Musicians of Jajouka? The repetition
in their music is truly mesmerizing when listened to intently. I'm still
learning about the spiritual significance of music but my limited 
has shown me that repetition has some sort of power.
Alan I.
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>>Your kidding, but it may be true in some way, any serious observations?
>Actually, I'm not kidding. I've done a fair amount of meditation and I've
>noticed very similar states of conscienceness after intense listening to
>looped material, which is why I made the connection.
>In Zen ( and other buddhist traditions) the 1st practice is counting each
>breath from 1 to 10 and repeating the cycle, starting from 1 again each
>your thoughts have strayed. Next you may count every other breath up to
>Then just focusing on each breath without counting. Most likely you will
>become aware of the rhythm of your breathing & of your heartbeat. To my
>these are all loops.
>Listening to loops for prolonged periods may promote deeper concentration
>simply by virtue of the fact that by not changing (much) they allow the
>settle down. Deeper concentration may lead to introspection and ultimately
>you may find very deep significance in the dust particles on the floor. I
>also think that drones work in the same way  (maybe drones are just really
>small loops).
>There have been studies of shamanistic drumming that suggest static 
>at certain tempos can alter brainwaves. The same has been said about the
>rhythm of "rave" music. (Of course in both cases there can be lots of drug
>use which also effects the brain.)
>Lest we mistake "the finger pointing at the moon for the moon" - it's not
>the loops, drones, drugs or practices, those are all fingers that just aid
>us in getting out of our own way. In the end "Buddha realizes Buddha" and
>the eye sees itself.
>Sheesh, see what happens when I answer email before having coffee!