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Re: Asian instruments

i've read about talvin singh using electronic tablas that he plays
standing up. anybody have any idea what these are - wave drums or
trigger pads? talvin singh also toured with björk after her first album
- there's a bootleg around which illustrates his playing in a live
context quite well. he's also played out with squarepusher recently.

i also know that ansuman biswas mixes electronics with tablas and other
indian percussion - is this the same guy as kingsuk biswas?

-the man cable-

Tim Nelson schrieb:
 ... snip ...
> Talvin Singh had quite a bit of success a couple of
> years ago with an album called Anokha: Soundz of the Asian Underground 
> has some pretty cool loop-based stuff; it's a compilation featuring
> musicians such as State of Bengal, A.R. Rahman, Amar, Kingsuk Biswas (he
> samples and loops his tablas!), Future Soundz of India and others.