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Re: micro synth and loop de loop

    I've been following the comments on the micro synth with great interest
as I will be reviewing th new reissue for Guitar World magazine in the next
week or two- should hit the stands in two months. If you have any 
comments as to it's use, please email me at the address below.
    Also, I'm surprised that nobody has commented more on the connection
between repetitive patterns in spiritual practices and looping. Prayer,
meditation, dance (Sufi dervishes) all employ this technique to some 
I'm no expert, but I thought the connection was obvious.
    Perhaps a new thread: how come no women involved? Why has no credit 
given to Pauline Oliveros for her Fripp-like-before-Fripp experiments in
tape looping, and for her ambient experiments in general?
    Douglas Baldwin, the Coyote