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Re: subharmonic synthesisers

At 8:48 AM 4/9/99, Steve Savage wrote:
>Has anyone ever tried using a subharmonic synthesiser unit with bass 
>sounds. I have heard them used to great effect with synth sounds 
>doofs)! If they could work with electric bass I could have the phatest 
>sound imaginable. Any comments?
Ooooh yeah, boyee, you can get a bass phat enuff to fill the baggiest of

Umm, ahem...I have DBX 120xp sub synth, love it. I believe I read somewhere
it's what Laswell uses. I was turned on to it by a friend who runs a live
sound company, he patches it into the main mix of his big system for added
"beef". I don't use it live, I really don't need a thicker bass sound when
I play live, but it does get a lot of use in the studio, on bass, kick
drums, even as a mastering tool on mixes that come in with a weak low end.

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