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Re: AW: loop religion

In a message dated 4/9/99 1:02:29 PM Mid-Atlantic Daylight Time, 
mpeters@csi.com writes:

<< music tends to 
 transport emotions which are often complex to deal with, and our noisy 
 brains are complex enough and difficult to handle already.  >>

perhaps a study like this can show us the emotional/intellectual "loops" 
are within us....what triggers them and what happens when they degrade or 
change......when i am physically moved by a beat, or when my body becomes 
involved with the music then the playing field is expanded, (mind, 
emotion,body).....music, loops, can transport us to a sense of the present 
and perhaps let us see the flow of energy within these three disjointed 
aspects of ourselves.......wheres my coffee?.........michael