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Re: Loop the Loop

Hello everybody -thought i would chime in here -those famil;ar with the
switchblade made by sound sculpture will know how east it is to set up
controllable feedback loops -seperate little networks you can crossfade in
-out of using continious controllers-it can get pretty intense though
especially in a live situation -really have to wattch the tonal content
going into the insert point lots of digital noise -it helps to have another
tone shaping device like a eq to tailor the frequencies going back in -some
amazing sounds though can be created especially with relooped pitch
shifting---i think Laswell uses this as a stock dub effect ---oh going to
be out in SF april 19-24 anything happening that week ?   thanks   Keenan
>BTW did anybody in NYC  see either David First or Robert Poss looping gig
at XI ?

>>>I don't know how Mr. Myers does it, but I just run the output of looper 
>>>into looper B and  back again - if you do it enough times you'll get a
>>>strange resonance since each device colors the sound in its own way. I
>>>imagine if you kept doing it for a year or so you'd end up with noise 
>>>probably a messiah complex).
>>Good observation.  Now, what if looper A can feed looper B and itself, 
>>looper B can feed looper A and itself, and what if you have four loopers 
>>more?  And if you can manage control of all of those paths?  Hmm...  
>>what been fueling my particular psychosis all these years.  Get into it
>>enough, and you begin to wonder about the need for guitars, keyboards, 
>>all the endless discussion about graphite necks.  Maybe I've looked too
>>hard and am suffering from mental strain (a distinct possibility), but 
>>found that as I increase the microscope's focus, the specks of dust on 
>>floor--through the miracle of the loop--take on an unexpected 
>>Loop de Loop indeed!
>That is some great thoughts, I love all this weirdness coming from 
>That I believe is something that John cage did at one time. You can here
>what something like that sounds like on Rafael Toral's album Arieola
>Frequency. You can get it through forced exposure like i did. it's pretty
>cool. Not exactly what i had in mind but will soon begin my experiments in
>Jeff Collins