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Re: micro synthesizers (Clarification of units)

> > I worked at EH in 1980-83.  I fooled around with the GS, but thought 
>it was
> > too fragile and hard to work with.  Getting the same sound twice was a
> > matter of luck, really.  But the sound was very sweet.  They should 
> > that one with better components and digital control, instead of the
> > Microsynth. 
> > My Bass Microsynthesiser was stolen from my car in the early 90s.  I 
> > it, though.  It really sounded good on the guitar -- had more range 
>and was
> > fuller-sounding.  I wouldn't buy the Microsynth, but wait to see if 
> > reissue the Bass Microsynth.
> There is a reiusse of the Bass Microsynth as well as the Microsynth
> unit. 

I just realized there might be some confusion on the names of these
units. In my post regarding similarities to the "bass" and "guitar"
versions and reissues I'm refering to the two stompboxes which are
technicially called:

Microsynth - this is the floor unit made for "guitar"
Bass Microsynth - this is the floor unit made for "Bass" 

both are identical in features, components, layout, etc. and both have
been reissued in their original pedal form by EH/New Sensor/Sovtek (I
forget what they are called these days) and run less than $300 new in

EH also made an Item called the MINIsynth which was a membrane keyboard
based synthesizer and a GUITAR Synthesizer which is the 2-3 rack unit.
These have not been reissued nor are there plans to do so according to

Here are some pics to help illustrate the differences:

The reissue pedals can be found at:

The Minisynth is at:

The Guitar Synth is at:

Again, only the pedals the Microsynth and the Bass Microsynth have been

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