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Re: micro synthesizers

Javier Miranda V. wrote:

> I worked at EH in 1980-83.  I fooled around with the GS, but thought it 
> too fragile and hard to work with.  Getting the same sound twice was a
> matter of luck, really.  But the sound was very sweet.  They should 
> that one with better components and digital control, instead of the
> Microsynth.  Overall, EH looks like they're stuck in the seventies
> hardwarewise.  If any toys needed improvement it was the EH toys.

Ain't *that* the truth!. Still people clamor and pay $$$ for those boxes
even though they were probably some of the cheapest components and
manufacturing at the time. I take my hat off to EH/Sovtek for putting
them out at all. Given the prices people were asking for the originals
these days it at least makes the unit available to those who would
rather play than collect.

>   My Bass Microsynthesiser was stolen from my car in the early 90s.  I 
> it, though.  It really sounded good on the guitar -- had more range and 
> fuller-sounding.  I wouldn't buy the Microsynth, but wait to see if they
> reissue the Bass Microsynth.

There is a reiusse of the Bass Microsynth as well as the Microsynth
unit. Both go for about $275 or so (the Bass one is usually ten bucks
more). I'd say your experience probably had more to do with the actual
unit you had rather than any differences in the Bass vs guitar versions
though. They are basically the exact same circuitry and parts. I've
A/B'd various original Bass and guitar versions as well as both new
reissues and while each one sounded a bit different (especially among
the originals) there was virtually no detectable difference between bass
and guitar versions. A couple other players have told me the same thing.
I guess as with anything analog each unit has it's own cranky
personality. If you put two minimoogs up agaisnt each other from the
same ear/manufacture period you'd hear a difference as well. 

That said, they are great little noise makers and one of my favorite
processing devices (I use 'em for  everything from drums to vocals to
guitar/etc. Ever run a Roland GR300 into an EH microsynth? It's just too
wrong :)

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