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Re: Loop da loop ....

Oh suuuuuuuure, blame it on the mushrooms.....

WHY do they always get such a bad rap??



jmw/cmu wrote:

> > Maybe I've looked too
> >hard and am suffering from mental strain (a distinct possibility), but 
> >found that as I increase the microscope's focus, the specks of dust on 
> >floor--through the miracle of the loop--take on an unexpected 
> >Loop de Loop indeed!
> Hmmmmm. Has anyone else noticed that threads on this
> list often enter the realm of Mystical introspection?
> Maybe be all those hours of looping have the same
> effect as counting your breath from 1-10 over and over,
> focusing on the Koan "Mu" or repeating the 99 names of Allah.
> Of course it could just be the mushrooms...
> jmw
> PS: I love this list - it's good for a laugh w/ every digest.