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RE: micro synthesizers

I worked at EH in 1980-83.  I fooled around with the GS, but thought it was
too fragile and hard to work with.  Getting the same sound twice was a
matter of luck, really.  But the sound was very sweet.  They should reissue
that one with better components and digital control, instead of the
Microsynth.  Overall, EH looks like they're stuck in the seventies
hardwarewise.  If any toys needed improvement it was the EH toys.  I still
got many toys from that time, but they're noisy and I don't like to use
them.  I think they're cool live, what with all the distortion noise and 
excitement, but they don't last too long banging around while travelling.
  My Bass Microsynthesiser was stolen from my car in the early 90s.  I miss
it, though.  It really sounded good on the guitar -- had more range and was
fuller-sounding.  I wouldn't buy the Microsynth, but wait to see if they
reissue the Bass Microsynth.

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I never tried the M.S., but I did own one of EH's 'Guitar Synthesizers', a 
rack space, 3 oscillator noise machine that was the Micro's big brother.
They didn't sell many of these (I bought mine used), and its claim to fame
was being used on the first ASIA album.

Dave Eichenberger
'Future Perfect' - art music

> Matthew,
> I am a huge fan of the M.S.  I did not know that there
> was a reissue availible!  Can you tell me how to get
> it?
> DAn