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new person weighs in

Hi everyone-

I joined the list mainly because I was trying to learn about the Oberheim 
EDP.  Mainly what I have learned is that I'm going to have a hard time 
finding one.  (If anyone has a good lead, please point me at it!)  I'm 
sticking around because it's apparent that I have much to learn.

In my secret life, I am a guitarist.  I've been exposed to 
amibence/loops/Fripp/Eno/Torn/guys with synthesizers for most of my life.  
But I love Miles, Trane, and Monk, too.  I have a bachelor's degree in 
comp from North Texas State.  I have a day job.  Somewhere in the middle 
all that I'll plant a flag.

I currently use: 
Guitars by Klein, Heritage, Martin, and Gibson (archtops, mostly, except 
the Klein)
Budda amplifier (tubes, always)
Yamaha SPX-50D
Digitech Whammy/Wah
Alesis NanoVerb
ProCo Rat (an antique)
Ernie Ball Volume

I'm satisfied with my tone.  Now I just want to split myself into pieces.
Thanks for listening.

deep in the Midwest (Iowa)