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Re: Echoplex Digital Pro

     While this may be true, Gib-Obie had promised Alto Music that they 
     would fill *their* orders before cutting and running to Palo Alto. 
     That was when I was about 12th on the list at Alto. Gibson initially 
     told Alto they would build and ship 2 units a day. Reality was it 
     mine 5-6 weeks to arrive.
     I just got a call from Alto yesterday and my EDP is on it's way! Boy 
     howdy! Hope it gets here in one piece... (after hearing of the 
     shipping damage woes of Pat, Scott etc...)

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Subject: Echoplex Digital Pro
Author:  william.m.seiberling@us.arthurandersen.com at INTERNET
Date:    4/7/99 3:15 PM

For those of you on waiting lists for the Oberheim Echoplex Digital Pro, I
just spoke to customer support at Gibson, and they said it will be 60 to 90
days before production starts.