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Akai Headrush/New member

I've seen some posts concerning the Headrush; www.zzounds.com has it for 
for $169, although it's not available yet.
I'm fairly new to guitar looping, having just picked up the guitar again 
after a six-year layoff. I'm using a Fender Deluxe Super Strat, a Zoom 503 
amp simulator, some effects pedals, and a Boss Sx-700. I also have a 
Quasimidi 309 that I send the guitar through for some interesting effects. 
Pretty limited as far as looping goes, but hopefully I'll get more adept 
the Headrush comes in.
Do folks on this list do looping strictly with guitars, or do some use 
keyboards as well? I've been doing loops with keyboards for the last six 
years. I'm using a Roland XP50 and it's onboard sequencer, as well as the 
Quasimidi, but I'm not sure if it would be considered looping. I record 
the name Synthetic Block, and many of the tracks I've done are simply a 
series of sequenced keyboard loops.
Anyway, I look forward to participating in this list.