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Re: Tabla Pitch (way OT)

>oh, yes, a highly developped instrument. I just had a session with a good
>The only problem for me was the very defined pitch of the high drum. Most
>drums are pitched in some way, but you can still play any tonality - not 
>with tabla, right?

Most drums have a pitch but usually there are enough overtones to smooth
over obvious harmonic clashes. The defined tonality of the daya ( the high
drum) can be a problem in certain situations.
I usually perform with 3 high drums tuned to E, G, and B (for the "ta"
which is the clear brite tone).  Dayas also have another pitch produced by
the "tun" stroke (deeper & rounder sounding) which is usually a minor 7th
below the "ta" ( e.g. ta = C4, tun = D3) . The accuracy of this varies from
drum to drum.

So, with  my setup I can play with E, D, G, A, B, & C#,  which is still
limiting but gives the other players & myself some melodic/harmonic 
I usually let everyone know what my pitches are just to be safe. It works
well with guitar & bass players since the pitches are the same as the open
strings (except for the C#) and everyone loves E minor!

I also try to tune my frame drums to complementary pitches as well.