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Switchboards, Plugs and Phonographs

> OK, Doug Wimbish promised that I wouldn't tell anyone, but his
> Cyberbass has an integrated 56K modem that dials out to the Internet
> and uses a proprietary massively parallel computer system secretly
> developed by him, [...snip...]

Please reprogram the Cyberbass so that the next time it calls me, it
dials 1-800-C-A-L-L-A-T-T!  Thank you.

> Dude, it was a typo ... phone => phono = 1/4" mono jack <> RJ-11

Seriously, your typo was more correct than what you had intended!  :)
Phono plugs & jacks are the RCA type originally developed by RCA for use
with... record players / phonograph cartridges!  Kim's treatise on 1/4"
plugs and switch boards is spot on.

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