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telephonic guitars

Kim wrote:
>Long ago, the telephone system was operated by
> humans manually connecting
> calls together at a switch board. 

Long ago, eh? You sayin I'm an old fart?  Where I grew
up (long ago) our phones plugged into the wall socket 
with a 1/4" phone plug (like your guitar).  You could
steal the plugs from your phone to fix guitar cords! 
If you don't mind bakelite!

In those days, you were't supposed to own your own
telephones.  We had many, used surplus from an AM
radio station.  Carbon mikes and speakers.

Nowdays, telephone line plugs are what? 4,6,8 pin, and
guitar plugs are 13 pin (roland gk standard).  Just
don't step on, or plug in that 13 pin roland connector
as roughly as you step on, or plug in your ancient
phone plug, or it will fail.

 And don't pull your new telephone line cable with
connector (j?) through a snag or that )%$#@ plastic
locking arm will break off, and the connector won't
stay in your phone anymore! 

Simple is often at least robust, and endures.  Many
simple things come from long ago.  Those long ago, 2
conductor phone plugs, connect Kim's clever echoplex
footpedal.  I have a bakelite cased plugs on the
(vintage cloth sheilded) cable to my EDP footswitch
But, you should see my midi controller. There I have
an online operator, with a switchboard......


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