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RE: Jungle Funk Technology

>> I insist: what the hell are this telephone lines?
>> Julio.

OK, Doug Wimbish promised that I wouldn't tell anyone, but his Cyberbass 
an integrated 56K modem that dials out to the Internet and uses a
proprietary massively parallel computer system secretly developed by him,
Will, and Vinx. It runs a hybrid neural network/expert system on an several
8-way Cray computers to provide incredibly accurate note triggering. This
way he can also access his rack of Emu Ultra 4 samplers for loop generation
which has over 6 hours of available sampling capability in 20-bit stereo. 
controls the integrated Cyberbass sequencer which is capable over 
note capacity at 1/1,000 ppq. It also helps power the over 10,000 pattern
arppegiator on-board the Cyberbass. Normally this couldn't be handled by
standard network HTTP protocols due to line chatter, so they had to write a
fully interactive piping data stream that integrates with a customized MIDI
engine to handle these types of data loads over 56K. You didn't think that
he could really ~play~ some of that stuff, did you?

That's the real secret of how just three guys can sound like a whole
orchestra! BTW, those really aren't Wavedrums up there ...

Dude, it was a typo ... phone => phono = 1/4" mono jack <> RJ-11

Sorry to confuse you all.