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Re: Jungle Funk Technology

At 01:38 PM 4/5/99 -0300, Julio Moreno wrote:
>> ---Douglas Lawrence <douglas-lawrence@home.com> wrote:
>> > Peavey 5-string CyberBass (it has both MIDI and
>> phone lines out)
> I insist: what the hell are this telephone lines?

Long ago, the telephone system was operated by humans manually connecting
calls together at a switch board. They did this with patch cables that
looked remarkably similar to the ones still in use today for unbalanced
audio connections (like guitars). Hence, the word "phone" became commonly
associated with this type of connector, and many people refer to them that
way. They are also called "quarter inch".  

I think that's what is meant in the sentence above, just a regular patch
cord, not any reference to RJ-11 jacks or any other thing you would 
connect to a telephone. In other words, no, this bass will not order the
pizza for you.

OB semi loop content:  I went to see the Paul Dresher Ensemble and Rinde
Eckert perform the opera "Ravenshead" the other night. (Paul is on the list
sometimes, but not now I think...)  Very nice show, great music and great
vocal/acting performance from Rinde Eckert, not to mention a great way to
avoid doing my taxes for a few more hours. Have any of you seen any of
Paul's performances before? I had only listened to one of his CD's, so this
was quite a treat, I enjoyed it a lot. Fascinating harmonies and rhythms
that developed and moved very well with the moods of the opera. In fact, I
was engrossed enough in just listening and watching that the left brain
never kicked in and I never noticed if Paul was using any of his 
So no technology here. :-) So if you haven't yet, check out Paul Dresher,
either live or on CD, I think you won't regret it.

Kim Flint, MTS                  408-752-9284
ATI Research                    kflint@atitech.com