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Re: Begginner

     The boomerang may be a powerful tool but if you have the money go for 
     the Echoplex. I just recently got my first echoplex and am VERY happy 
     with it. I think it is the perfect tool for live looping, but be 
     prepared to wait a while for it to arrive after you order it because 
     mine took 3 months to get to me.. but it was worth the wait.

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Subject: Re: Begginner
Author:  smaug (smaug@servidor.unam.mx)
Date:    4/4/99 2:05 PM

   Why don't you try the boomerang?,it's a hell of a lot cheaper and a
powerful tool,I think that would be an even better start...
At 11:58 PM 3/04/99 -0800, you wrote: 
>hello all,
>I am just starting to research what I want to do with my music at this 
>of my life and I have been finding myself very interested in looping. I 
>thinking along the lines of starting out with Oberheim Echoplex Digital 
>If possible could you guys help me out a bit. Is this a good start ? Do 
>recommend anything else?