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Re: Wave Drums

>       I've always loved the sound of Wavedrums, but have never had any 
>finding them used anywhere.
>       However, for those of you that really like the sound of a 
>Wavedrum, I'd
>highly recommend a sample CD called "Liquid Grooves", by Ilio. There are
>tons of Wavedrums samples on it, not too mention the rhythm loops are
>fantastic!! Ilio makes some of the best samples I've come across, and the
>Wavedrums are a real work of sonic magnificence.

More even: The magic is the richness of expression which is not limited to
MIDI and Samples.
Its perfect for looping because you do not have any feed back and external
noise problems. You can just sit at the one instrument and keep overdubbing
all its sound...

So they do not make them any more? It was too good to survive?

Unfortunately I do not have one.