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Jungle Funk Technology

I got to see Jungle Funk again last night at SOB's and they were great. As
always, lots of energy and inspiring as well. How they seamlessly mix
technology and music in a live setting is incredible. I know there are many
bass players on the list, and being one myself, I was scouting the stage to
see what equipment Doug was using ...

In the rack ...

Peavey CyberBass controller
Lexicon Jamman
Emu Planet Phatt
(2) older Digitech Studio Signal Processors
Digitech 2120 Valve Multi-Effects Signal Processor
t.c. electronics 2290 - Dynamic Digital Delay

On the floor ...

Roland Volume Pedal
Boss AutoWah AW-2
Boss DD-3 Digital Delay
Boss Bass Flanger
Boss SYB-3 Bass Synthesizer
Boss Tremolo/AutoPan
Seymour Duncan Bass Wah
Digitech Control One for the 2120
There was another pedal back by his amp stack that I couldn't make out
besides the channel switches for his Trace Elliot preamp and an A/B switch.

The axes ...

Spector 4-string
Warwick 6-string
Peavey 5-string CyberBass (it has both MIDI and phone lines out)
Ibanez 5-string (the new Doug Wimbish signature line)

BTW, Vinx had a great assortment of equipment as well. It seems like he 
a Zendrum to trigger samples from an Emu ESI-4000 (which included opera
singers, classical violin pieces, street noise) and (2) Lexicon Jamman used
mainly for vocal looping. He also had a Yamaha SU-10 strapped to an
electronic drum using the ribbon controller for scratching effects. And
don't forget his Djembe.

Will plays an Udu drum on one song which sounds really great.

Anybody know what those large electronic drums that Vinx and Will use on a
bunch of songs?