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Re: akai headrush, Zoom 2100

>On Thu, 1 Apr 1999, Alan Imberg wrote:
>> I placed an order with American Music Supply for an Akai Headrush.
>> Unfortunately, they are on back-order. It was due March 25th but the 
>> has moved to April 25th.  My sense is that there aren't a whole lot of
these pedals out there yet. It was just
>> introduced at the recent NAMM show in January. 

For what this may be worth, if someone out there needs a decent,
inexpensive, excellent value looper, I've been working (very happily!!)
with the Zoom 2100.  So much so, in fact, that I bought a second one!!!
Street price: $139.00.

michael yoder

Dr. Michael S. Yoder
Assistant Professor of Geography,
Coordinator of Urban Studies
Texas A&M International University
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Laredo, TX  78041
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