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RE: Fretless and Sustainer

Hi folkes,

right, at the time when I  " built  " my fretless guitar I took a Fernandes
Stratbody w/sustainer on it,
but now I'm working with Sustainiac again.
Firstly, because they are the founders of sustainers and their work is
still in progress ( I was told that there
will be a brandnew model in the near future ! ); secondly, because I'd
rather encourage small companies
than big ones ( among other reasons for the issue of having a more personal
contact i.e. in terms of special
wishes ) and thirdly, because you can purchase a sustainer unit without
having to purchase a guitar.
If someones's interested, email Mr. Alan Hoover at HooverA@tce.com. 

The Boss feedbacker is still featured on the GT-5, but I'd say that a
sustainer or even an ebow is a much better tool in both sound and
flexibility. I own a GT-5 and I never use the feedbacker, but what one
man's ...

By the way, someone on the list wanted informations on the Digitech Time
Machine's delay time modification
Sorry for not answering yet, I had problems with my mailbox and your
request was deleted.
Please, send again your question and address. Thanks !