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Re: fretless ?

> I don't remember what it was called, but I had the opportunity to play
> around with a Boss pedal that was a distortion/feedback unit.  While
> not as cool a gadget as the Sustainer, it had a similar sound.  One
> nice feature (or misfeature depending on your point of view) was that
> it'd only use the feedback mode while the pedal was held down.
> Unfortunately, Boss doesn't make these boxes any more and they seem
> pretty rare in the used gear market.  I loved the thing and I've
> searched, but haven't ever seen another.  Keep an eye out for an
> orange Boss pedal with Distortion/Feedback on the top (not to be
> confused with their orange Overdrive pedal) and give it a try if you
> find one.

Its called the Super Distortion&Feedbacker DF-2. Its a good distortion
unit, while you stomp on it it grabs the single note that you are playing
and emulates a feedback tune. The bad thing is that the "feedback" sounds
like a cheap organ, but if you enhance it with phaser,delay etc. you
can achive cool sounds. And if the sound is not cool, you can always
put the blame on the keyboarder ;) I wont sell my DF-2...